A Note From The Publisher

Dear Friends and Readers,

This is a very special edition of the Guide.

This 26th edition is more than just a magazine – it’s an extended reading experience!

Over the last 26 years, we’ve published a great deal of lists and phone numbers about everything from real estate subdivisions to churches, hospitals, and schools. But the world is changing and we’re changing, too!

So what’s so different about this magazine this year?

The sidebars and QR Codes are designed to connect our readers to other people who share areas of a common interest such as art, crafts, music, gardening, etc. Our objective is to help our readers connect with like-minded people throughout Fayette and Coweta counties.

Quick Response Codes (QR codes), when scanned by a Smartphone, will take our readers to videos where they will learn more about a particular area of interest.

This magazine represents a revolutionary use of this technology. Now when you scan the hundreds of QR Codes throughout this magazine, you will hear people talk, sing, and explain the things that they are passionate about and that you want to know more about.

See page 6 for a detailed explanation of how QR codes work and to understand how they are being used to improve life experiences for those who use them daily.

You will also find a handy chart of our advertisers who made this new magazine possible. Use your Smartphone to scan those QR Codes to learn more about the products and services represented by our advertisers­–it’s fun and you’ll be better informed–that’s a promise!

After you download the app and scan those QR Codes, please share this info with your family, friends, and neighbors. Everyone needs to learn how to get the most out of their Smartphones!




Charlie Nelson, Publisher


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