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Breweries Update

Breweries Continue to Grow

Senoia Beer Company – As with so many small breweries, Senoia Beer Co. began as a hobby for Brent Cater, Andrew Koehn, and Chris McDaniel. Separately, they had all developed an interest in home brewing, but when fate put them together as firefighters in Henry County, that’s when the seeds of their partnership were planted.

    In 2011 they started sharing beer recipes and brewing together for their friends and families. For several years they fine-tuned their recipes and brewing methods, experimenting along the way, learning from every batch of beer they made. By 2017 they had the confidence and ability to think they might be able to take their talents to the next level – their own brewery.

    Their original location was to be downtown Senoia, so naturally the name Senoia Beer Company just made sense. Construction and preparation of that property was underway, but in 2020 that plan fell through and they found themselves looking for another location. Meanwhile, other small breweries had heard about their challenges and offered to help. Cochran Mill Brewing offered to let them brew some batches of beer in their vats in Fairburn. This enabled SBC to stay afloat while they searched for a new home. They also learned a lot from the other local breweries who gave them input and advice about opening and running a successful brewery, as well as helping them get their beer sold by local stores and restaurants. They were amazed at the level of support offered, “The other breweries on the southside were extremely helpful; they all want the other breweries to be successful. It’s really like an extended family that looks out for one another.” says Brent about the bond between the breweries.

    All the while they were searching for a new home. The next opportunity that occurred was right down the street in the back of Foxxhollow Antiques. As they began to move forward with that location the space next door became open and it was apparent to everyone that this was THE spot they should be. That spot was 1 Main Street, which was formerly Senoia Coffee and then McMaster BBQ.

    On October 15, 2022, all of their hard work and patience finally paid off with the grand opening of Senoia Beer Company. They’ve been going strong since then, “The community has been very supportive from day one,” states Andrew. Currently, all three still have full time jobs so the brewery has limited hours. But the goal is to grow the business enough to allow them to leave their other jobs and work full time at the brewery. “We still have the space behind Foxxhollow, so we’re considering upgrading it for small private parties or events,” says Chris. For now, they are happy to continue to brew their beer, host local musicians, and provide a great place for locals to hang out and enjoy their hand-crafted beer.


Pint & Provisions – Pint & Provisions will be opening in Senoia in Spring 2023. They will include a craft brewery, beer garden, and an event hall. They will also feature Mueller Beer Genius serving tanks which eliminate the need for kegs & cold storage rooms in favor of a fresher beer at the tap, longer shelf lives, less energy consumption plus a reduced need for chemicals & C02.


Line Creek Brewing Co. – The Reserve – Line Creek will be opening a new brewery in downtown Newnan known as The Reserve. This location will focus on barrel-aged and one-off beers. The Taproom will feature an indoor space for live music, an outdoor Biergarten with a shipping container stage, a covered and uncovered patio, as well as a private event space. Staples from their HQ in PTC (First Crush IPA, Maverick Lager, as well as our seasonal releases) will be available at this location. 

Local Breweries

Abide Brewing Company

110 Werz Industrial Blvd Ste 130, Newnan


355 Trilith Pkwy, Suite #110, Fayetteville

Awkward Brewing Company

250 Lee St., Fayetteville

Cochran Mill Brewing Co.

27 Word St., Fairburn

Line Creek Brewing Co.

150 Huddleston Rd., Peachtree City

Line Creek Brewing Co. Bus Barn

 300 City Center Pkwy, Fayetteville, Georgia

Line Creek Brewing Co.

The Reserve 18 Savannah St., Newnan

Pint & Provisions

23 Main St., Senoia

Senoia Beer Company

1 Main St., Senoia

Towerhouse Farm Brewery

18736 GA-85, Gay

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