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Quality Care in Coweta & Fayette

Over the past twenty years, Fayette and Coweta Counties have grown tremendously. As these counties evolve, so does the healthcare infrastructure that serves the residents. 

   Fayette and Coweta Counties are home to many healthcare facilities, ranging from hospitals to clinics, providing a broad spectrum of medical services. Piedmont Fayette Hospital, located in Fayetteville, is a prominent healthcare institution in the region. It offers a comprehensive range of services, including emergency care, surgical procedures, and specialized treatments.

   The Piedmont Fayette Hospital was established in 1997 and currently has 310 beds. Piedmont Fayette offers round-the-clock emergency treatments, women’s medical and surgical services, and obstetrics/care. Piedmont Fayette prioritizes prevention and health in addition to treatment. Modern medical technology is available at the hospital for cardiovascular services, hyperbaric wound care, digital imaging, robotic surgery, diagnostics, and rehabilitation. There is also a full-service cancer clinic.

   Piedmont Fayette Hospital has been named one of Healthgrades America’s 50 Best Hospitals for multiple years, including 2022. The 50 hospitals that were named America’s 50 Best Hospitals are distinguished by their general clinical proficiency across a broad spectrum of medical specialties. Additionally, they have been recognized with the Healthgrade America’s 100 Best Hospitals Critical Care Award, Stroke Care Award, and Coronary Intervention Award. With 2,100 employees, Piedmont Fayette offers healthcare to people in Fayette County and the neighboring areas via a medical staff of more than 900 doctors.

   Similarly, in Coweta County, Piedmont Newnan Hospital plays a pivotal role in meeting the healthcare needs of the community. The hospital is equipped with modern facilities and a dedicated medical staff, ensuring accessible and high-quality healthcare services.

   The Poplar Road location of Piedmont Newnan was opened in 2012 to better meet the growing needs of the area. The 167-bed, 362,000-square-foot hospital provides a range of services, such as imaging, cancer treatment, heart care, women’s services, and maternity care. The Women’s Choice Award named it one of America’s Best Hospitals for Patient Safety in 2024. In 2019 and 2020, Piedmont Newnan was recognized for clinical quality and patient safety with the Healthgrades America’s 250 Best Hospitals Award and the Patient Safety Quality Award, respectively. Piedmont Newnan Hospital will be the only institution in Georgia to be recognized as a winner of both the America’s 250 Best Hospitals and Patient Safety Excellence Awards in 2020.

   Piedmont Newnan, which employs over 1,000 people and has a medical staff of over 400 physicians, provides a variety of medical, surgical, and diagnostic treatments, including urology, women’s services, cancer therapy, imaging, heart care, sleep services, and more, in addition to round-the-clock emergency care.

   City of Hope, a globally recognized research center and an original member of the National Comprehensive Care Network, is at the forefront of the upcoming wave of medical advancements and is a pioneer in providing individualized, comprehensive care.

   Joining forces with Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in 2022, City of Hope—a 100+ year old global leader in cancer research, treatment, and prevention—brought together a common vision, values, and dedication to providing compassionate, high-quality care that prioritizes the needs of the patient at all of our hospitals, Comprehensive Care Centers, and Outpatient Care Centers across the country.

   Under one roof, a team of specialists and other cancer professionals provide integrative, comprehensive care, ranging from individualized cancer treatments such as immunotherapy, surgery, radiation treatment and chemotherapy, to supportive therapies that manage side effects. Treatment is handled by a committed team of cancer specialists at City of Hope; some are in charge of treating the disease, while others assist in managing any associated side effects. 

   The way oncologists, surgeons, and other clinical professionals handle cancer patients has changed as a result of COH’s care paradigm. The Mother Standard® of care, which combines a patient-centered approach to cancer treatment with a whole-person approach, is currently recognized as the gold standard for caregiving. The successful treatment of patients with a personal, compassionate touch is the aim of COH.  

   Piedmont Cancer Institute has remained a private healthcare facility since 1987. Since there is no health system involved, the doctors own and operate the practice exclusively, giving them the freedom to handle each patient’s condition on their own. PCI physicians are flexible and quick to adjust to new situations.

   Patients with PCI appreciate the benefits of a private practice, which include improved service quality, reduced expenses, efficiency, and more. Patients can be near their provider thanks to their in-house infusion centers, which also help the doctors build relationships with the patients.

   PCI aims to eliminate every barrier to patient treatment. In-depth care also involves guiding patients toward resources for financial assistance, counseling on health and insurance, and psychosocial support. In order to guarantee that everyone may receive treatment, PCI’s social work department assists with practical needs both on campus and in the community. Through counseling, education, and patient advocacy, the Piedmont Cancer Institute staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of patients during their oncology and hematology treatment journeys. For the advantage of patients, all PCI locations have on-site labs.

   With more than 40 years of experience, Rosa Gynecology—formerly Peachtree City Obstetrics & Gynecology—offers Peachtree City and the surrounding areas the best gynecological treatment available. They are authorized providers of digital mammography, on-site ultrasound, bioidentical hormone therapy, and SottoPelle therapy. They work hard every day to make sure that all of our valued patients and staff leave our office feeling understood, appreciated, and deeply enriched as members of the Rosa Gynecology family. Their goal is to provide women with top-notch gynecologic health care while maintaining Service, Care, and Healing as the core values of all we do.

   Truffles Vein Specialists treat their patients as individuals, providing personalized vein treatment plans based on the patient’s symptoms and the results of highly detailed diagnostic testing.  They have a dedicated team of professionals who are experienced in vein treatment that perform detailed vascular exams to ensure that they “get it right” the first time.

  Truffles Vein Specialists diagnoses and treats every level of vein disease and consider themselves partners their patient’s vein care. From varicose veins and spider veins to leg swelling and discoloration, their goal is to get their patients feeling and looking better as soon as possible.

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, finding a reliable and specialized orthopedic clinic is crucial for individuals seeking effective solutions for musculoskeletal issues. One such institution that stands out in our area is Georgia Bone and Joint.

   Georgia Bone and Joint’s doctors are the leading experts in providing exceptional orthopedic care to Newnan, Peachtree City, and the surrounding areas. Offering experienced treatment for bone, joint, and muscle injuries and conditions, we are dedicated to serving you so you can move better, feel better, and live better.

   Georgia Bone and Joint prides itself on its commitment to providing top-notch orthopedic care. With a team of highly skilled and experienced orthopedic specialists, the clinic has earned a reputation for excellence in diagnosing and treating orthopedic injuries and conditions from neck to foot in addition to specializing in Joint Replacement, Pediatric Orthopedics, Orthobiologics, and Sports Medicine.

   One of the best ways to maintain and improve your overall health is by working out. Regular physical activity has numerous benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. In fact working out positively affects every aspect of your body’s health. Cardiovascular health, weight management, energy levels, bone health, and even mental health all benefit from a regular exercise routine.

   Workout Anytime provides 24-hour access to top-quality fitness equipment covering a wide range of exercises and workouts. They offer strength training equipment and free weights, cardio machines including treadmills, stationary and elliptical bikes, and more. No matter what your fitness goals are, joining a health club is an excellent way to improve and maintain your health.

Important Numbers
Center for Disease Control & Prevention
800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636);

Poison Control Center
Georgia: 404-616-9000 or
1-800-222-1222 •

Coweta & Fayette Healthcare Health Departments
Coweta County Physical Health
70 Hospital Road, Newnan 30263

Coweta County Environmental Health
28 E Washington St., Newnan 30263

Fayette County Physical Health
140 Stonewall Avenue W, Ste. 107
Fayetteville 30214

Fayette County Environmental Health
140 Stonewall Avenue W, Ste. 200, Fayetteville 30214

Piedmont Fayette Hospital
1255 Highway 54W, Fayetteville 30214

Piedmont Newnan Hospital
745 Poplar Road, Newnan 30265
770-400-1000 •

Cancer Centers
City of Hope
600 Celebrate Life Pkwy, Newnan, 30265

Piedmont Cancer Institute
775 Poplar Road, Newnan, 30265,

Urgent Care Locations/Fayette
DR 2 Travel, LLC (24 HRS)
Peachtree City 30269 678-951-3983

GoMed Urgent Care (House Calls)
2011 Commerce Dr. #25,
Peachtree City, 30269; 844-994-6633

  MinuteClinic – in CVS
480 North Glynn St. Fayetteville, 30214

MinuteClinic – in CVS
101 Lexington Circle
Peachtree City, 30269; 866-389-2727

Ortho Quick–Orthopedic Urgent Care
1265 Hwy 54 W, Fayetteville, 30214
770-460-1900  After 5 p.m. call: 770-460-6824

Peachtree Immediate Care–Emory Healthcare Network
1275 Hwy 54 W #201
Fayetteville, 30214; 770-461-3776

Pavilion Urgent Care
101 Beckett Lane #506
Fayetteville, 30214; 404-693-0604

Peachtree City Urgent Care
8 Eastbrook Bend, Suite B
Peachtree City 30269; 770-487-2273

Piedmont Fayette Hospital
Minor Emergency Care Center
105 Yorktown Dr, Fytvl, 770-719-6728

Piedmont Physicians Immediate Care–Fayetteville
101 Yorktown Dr. Ste 110, Fayetteville

Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens
100 S. Peachtree Pkwy.
Peachtree City, 30269; 678-732-1500

Summit Urgent Care
749 W. Lanier Ave
Fayetteville, 30214; 770-835-4925

Wingard Urgent Care & Wellness
1325 Commerce Dr. #200
Peachtree City, 30269 770-692-7575

Urgent Care Locations/Coweta

Crossroads Care Clinic
20 Baker Road, Ste. 3, Newnan, 30265

MinuteClinic – in CVS
2305 Hwy 34 East, Newnan, 30265

Peachtree Immediate Care
371 Newnan Crossing BYP #103, Ashley Park, Newnan, 770-400-8410

PediaKare of Newnan
1111 GA 34, Newnan Promenade, Newnan, 30265 770-683-3739

Piedmont QuickCare of Newnan–in Walgreens
3116 Hwy 34 East, Newnan, 30265  404-948-3019

Summit Minor Med. Urgent Care
549 Bullsboro Dr. B, Newnan, 30265

Summit Urgent Care, The Summit Healthplex
1825 Hwy 34E, Ste. 1200, NWN, 30265

Summit Urgent Care
100 Line Creek Dr., Peachtree City, 30269;

Local Chapters of
National Organizations

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alzheimer’s Association

American Cancer Society
800-227-2345; 770-631-0625;

American Diabetes Association
404-320-7100; 800-342-2383

American Heart Association

American Lung Association

American Red Cross
Metro Atlanta: 404-876-3302

Breast Cancer Survivors’ Network

La Leche League of GA— Peachtree City

March of Dimes

Parkinson’s Support Group
PTC: 770-487-4444  Newnan: 470-686-2437; •

United Way

• Fayette County •
770-461-7020; 770-460-6652

Fayette Co. Family & Children Services
770-460-2555 •
Help Line: 800-436-7442

Fayette Co Senior Services &
Meals on Wheels   

Fayette Field of Hope

Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center

Fayette Samaritans

Promise Place
(Domestic Violence Help)
Hot Line: 770-460-1604;
Office: 770-461-3839;

• Coweta County •

Angel’s House (Children’s Shelter)

Community Welcome House
(Women & Children) 770-304-0966


Coweta Organization Riding Rehab & Learning

Coweta Co Family & Children Services

Coweta Co Senior Services
770-683-8600 •

Coweta Pregnancy Services

Meals On Wheels of Coweta

Rutledge Center (Developmental Disabilities)
770-251-6515; 770-253-1189

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